Latest Configuration of computer

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
While choosing computer to buy the first thing which should be kept in mind is configuration of computer. The people who have flexible budget can think about the following configurations.

Processor or CPU
The Processor is the brain of your computer system therefore CPU is the key factor while buying computer. Latest Processor: Intel Dual Core, Core2Duo, AMD Athlon, Phenom

RAM (Random Access Memory)
At Least 512 MB of RAM is required for good performance of your computer system. Newly evolving computer software applications require sufficient quantity of RAM.
Latest RAM: 2 to 4 GB of RAMs are available in market

64 bit motherboard is commonly used now a day. Intel and AMD have the series of motherboards available in the market. While choosing motherboard just keep in mind that maximum things should be available onboard, RAM support, SATA/IDE Ports.

Hard Drives
Get as much hard disk space as you can afford. Now a day up to 1 TB of hard disks is available in market. Ranges available are 80GB, 160GB, 250GB, 500GB

Monitors, Keyboard, Mouse and Optical Drives can be choosed as per user’s need.